Friday, 11 June 2010


This Sunday (the 13th of June) Dawn and i are holding a stall selling fledgeling stuff at 'The Big Day Oot' not to be confused with its upscale cousins of a similar name in england and oz and indeed elsewhere. No, this is Glasgow Easts answer; albeit rather more family oriented and on a slightly slimmer budget!
it'll be the first time Dawn and i have held a stall so we expect to learn alot and will treat it as much as an education as a means of feeding the bambino. we'll be furiously hawking prints, pyrographic work (read that word again and stop getting excited, i told you its a family event) and t-shirts as well as promoting fledgeling a bit too.
Scottish pop ensemble 'the bluebells' will be there which should be a riot, as well as a pretty sweet band called DJANGO DJANGO who'd i'd never heard of before, but they have a pretty busy schedule through this summer's festivals. check out 'loves dart' on their myspace. its a toetapper and my boy can't get enough; nine months old, rinsing out properly to it!

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