Sunday, 23 May 2010

posthumous celebrity

some pics of the first piece (hopefully of many) of mine to be hung in aberdeen's most pimpin' eatery the EARL down on the green in the merchant quarter. its called 'posthumous celebrity,' and is another big ol' woodcut celebrating one of the poster-boys of the late Jurrassic; the mighty stegosaurus. the EARL is much more than just a sandwich shop with its own wee buzz it acts as a nice hub for creative types due to its open minded management. the place looks proper dapper with a nice graffed sign out front and a sweet Rough mural which you can see in my (somewhat ropey; apologies) photos. nice to have work up alongside the likes!
my massively supportive friend (to the extent that he should be getting an agents fee for almost everything i ever do) jon has taken some much better photos in the studio of the piece pre- hanging which you can see on his always interesting blog here

mi casa es su casa

here's the woodcut print which developed from the sketch i posted all those months ago. its about four feet tall which maybe doesn't come across in the image here, but it is, honest.