Wednesday, 23 June 2010


this is the cover i designed for my good friend Lila Matsumoto. its for the second issue of her poetry art and music magazine SCREE. the first issue was brilliant, with a quality musical supliment on CD, some amazing poetry and a really nice cover by tomthenoisemonger. (sorry tom, i dont know your real name) im gutted i didn't have more time to submit something for inside as the last one got a very international audience, and its just a really cool project. to Lila!
Onwards SCREE!

brewdog label

here's my submission for a brewdog beer bottle label competition. im trying to promote a more highly evolved approach towards beer drinking. walking, not crawling! ill let you know if i have any success, otherwise we'll never speak of this again, okay? here's the opportunity on central station.

NEW pyrography and prints

new pyrography and prints in the shop! get a closer look here

Friday, 11 June 2010

This Really Happened. Honest...

My boy will grow up to achieve all my unfulfilled artistic ambitions. thats what children are for.

All Yuppie'd Up

I thought i should share the pimpin' magnificence of the (slightly early) father's day present Rowan got for me (thanks Dawn!) its an oak business card holder; the fine craftsmanship of a Japanese woodworker dawn found online. ill have to track down a link to his stuff, cant seem to find his site. basically he deserves promotion as his work is proper quality ken, magnetic clasp burried in the wood an' a'hin'. so sweet. it does a good job of augmenting my new letterpress business cards i think you'll agree, although you could put bum fodder in there and it would still look daddy.
thanks Rowan, thanks Dawn, and thanks mysterious Japanese carpentry master from the ether.


This Sunday (the 13th of June) Dawn and i are holding a stall selling fledgeling stuff at 'The Big Day Oot' not to be confused with its upscale cousins of a similar name in england and oz and indeed elsewhere. No, this is Glasgow Easts answer; albeit rather more family oriented and on a slightly slimmer budget!
it'll be the first time Dawn and i have held a stall so we expect to learn alot and will treat it as much as an education as a means of feeding the bambino. we'll be furiously hawking prints, pyrographic work (read that word again and stop getting excited, i told you its a family event) and t-shirts as well as promoting fledgeling a bit too.
Scottish pop ensemble 'the bluebells' will be there which should be a riot, as well as a pretty sweet band called DJANGO DJANGO who'd i'd never heard of before, but they have a pretty busy schedule through this summer's festivals. check out 'loves dart' on their myspace. its a toetapper and my boy can't get enough; nine months old, rinsing out properly to it!

fledgelings first t-shirts

finally got some t-shirts printed featuring the fledgeling character. you can buy them here; in four colours and four sizes. im really pleased with the printing and the quality of the shirts which are 100% organic cotton and are manufactured in a 'climate neutral' factory run entirely on renewable energy. you can learn more about the printers; independent, bristol based 'green tee prints' and their 'green' credentials, products and practices here