Friday, 11 June 2010

All Yuppie'd Up

I thought i should share the pimpin' magnificence of the (slightly early) father's day present Rowan got for me (thanks Dawn!) its an oak business card holder; the fine craftsmanship of a Japanese woodworker dawn found online. ill have to track down a link to his stuff, cant seem to find his site. basically he deserves promotion as his work is proper quality ken, magnetic clasp burried in the wood an' a'hin'. so sweet. it does a good job of augmenting my new letterpress business cards i think you'll agree, although you could put bum fodder in there and it would still look daddy.
thanks Rowan, thanks Dawn, and thanks mysterious Japanese carpentry master from the ether.


  1. Found your blog via then, several hours later, came across this which led to this

    Mystery solved?

  2. Hi Iain
    yeah, thats the fella. i think that is the site my girlfriend got mine from.
    i still havn't found his site though (although to be honest i havn't lookd that hard!) newt time i need to buy a present though.....

    good sleuth work iain, keep it up :)


  3. by the way,
    thanks for sharing how you got here. im pretty new to all this blogging malarky its really interesting to tap into how it all works. i reckon i should pay more attention to this end of things.

    thanks again