Friday, 25 February 2011

Northern Something.

here's a new woodcut. its a reduction print which means that the same block is used for each of the colours and after each colour is printed, more of the block is cut away to print the next colour. this is achieved by working from the lightest colour towards the darkest. for example, in this instance the lightest colour is the white of the mammoths tusks and eyes (the paper.) before any printing, everything we want to keep white is cut away from the block and the first colour is printed; in this case yellow. next, everything we want to keep yellow is cut away i.e. the background, and the next and final colour, black, is printed.
et voila; a three colour reduction print (if im sly and include the white!)

'northern something' is a track by tortoise which was echoing around my head when i made this print. i think there is some significance in it.

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play 'Northern Something' by Tortoise (loudly!)


  1. It's great & I really like the composition of the whole.

  2. I really like this but your option to buy a print doesn't work. How big is it? This would be amazing over a metre tall!