Friday, 5 March 2010

once around the woodblock...

as promised, some pictures of my new woodcut (this is not a woodblock and, yes, there is a distinction which im not going into cos thats what wikipedia is for!)
i didn't photograph the printing stage 'cos i got in the zone and forgot. or just forgot anyway. as you can see, my lines are pretty chunky and, in places a little shakey. ive got serious respect for those japanese block cutters; they can carve lines more delicate and controlled than i can draw. ill post an example of what i mean...

i think this is Ando Hiroshige, which means that he is the artist who painted the original image and probably
not the artist responsible for the carving or printing who would have been two other individuals; the unsung heros of this art-form in my opinion. regardless, pimpin' i think you'll agree?
anyway, i digress as i said i'm not even woodblock printing so it would be unfair to compare, fortunately for me!

clearing out the image....

...and remember kids, Never cut towards yourself, especially not your exposed eyeball(unless you really need to...)

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