Friday, 12 February 2010

this is a sketch of the image im going to use this weekend for a two day japanese woodblock printing course im attending.
i spent ages trying to come up with an image which emulated the old prints of famous Kabuki actors all made up. i think on reflection that it was a little too contrived and thats why i wasn't feeling it. so i ditched that and had some fun with this fella. he took minutes to design compaired with the fruitless hours of the previous attempt. evidence that its important to 'keep it real' and 'don't try to be something you're not' cheesy, but worth bearing in mind.

ill post up the results of this weekend and some pictures of the process. standby loyal follower.


  1. Woooo Stu keep it up man, looks so rad! :)

  2. I'm the grey man shown as follower 3....spooky eh? Like your work and no bullshit blog; keeps people interested and stops em thinking you're up yourself.